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Light.  In a single word, yes, we are in fact particles of space which is this universe of LIGHT.  As lighting consultants, we have honed our skills over years of successes and challenges to better perfect the world around us.  It is only a few hundred years that humankind has truly had the ability to harness the lighting around us.  


With the advent of LED, and the global awareness of the important role that lighting has our well-being, lighting design has become as important as what foods we put in our bodies.  So as with any chef, we each have a set of skills, interests and favorite recipes.  


We hope you find something in our project menu that fits your needs. Just like any good chef, we should be able to knock your socks off with only a few ingredients, or stagger you with a complete 7 course meal.  


What can we dream up for you today?

John Fox


562.799.8488 x402

We Are Light.

Our Team

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John Fox


Tel: 562.799.8488 x402

Marya Lipiec

Project Manager

Tel: 517.215.6398

Grayson Galisky

Project Designer

Tel: 562.799.8488 x402

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